San Diego’s Best: Cousin’s Candy Salt Water Taffy

What is salt water taffy made of?

Salt water taffy is a delectable treat that has been enjoyed by many for years. But do you know exactly what it is made of? This delicious candy is made with butter, corn syrup, sugar, cornstarch, and your flavor and coloring of choice. Does salt water taffy actually contain salt water? On the contrary, it doesn’t. But it does, however, have salt and water in the mix to make this yummy candy. For more information about salt water taffy, visit the Cousin’s Candy Shop website to know more.

Is there a difference between taffy and salt water taffy?

You may be munching on your piece of salt water taffy, when a question suddenly pops in your head as you are about to take another happy bite of your candy. Isn’t there a candy called taffy? Is it different from a salt water taffy? Actually, there is none! The term salt water taffy first found its way in the 1800s after an offhand comment made by a candy shop owner, and since then it has been used in seaside towns as what they call the taffies that they sell. To know more about the history of salt water taffy, check out Cousin’s Candy Shop for more information.


How is salt water taffy made?

It is interesting to know how different products are made. This is especially so if what you are consuming is something as fun and sweet as candy. Salt water taffy is made by mixing different ingredients such as corn syrup, sugar, butter, cornstarch, salt, water, flavoring, and coloring. After cooking this happy concoction, this will then be set aside and cooled. Once it is cooled, they candy will be aerated by pulling and stretching it out in order for it to be nice and soft. Then it will then be cut into the bits of salt water taffy for us to enjoy. Curious about salt water taffy? Check out Cousin’s Candy Shop for more information on this sweet treat!


What kinds of flavors does salt water taffy come in?

Did you know that salt water taffy comes in a wide array of delightful flavors for you to choose from? Sink your teeth into different flavored salt water taffy treats at Cousin’s Candy Shop! For a simple sweet treat, vanilla flavored salt water taffy is your flavor of choice. For a more old-fashioned take on salt water taffy, try the molasses flavored one! It is like taking a trip down memory lane with every bite. If you love the taste of chocolate, don’t you worry! Salt water taffy at Cousin’s Candy Shop also comes in chocolate flavor. Give it a try, as it is one of the shop’s best sellers! If you are into the more citrusy flavors, check out Cousin’s Candy Shop salt water taffy in orange flavor and lemon flavor. You will surely enjoy the sweet and tangy taste of this salt water taffy. Are you the type who enjoys minty fresh flavors? Then enjoy the refreshing taste of peppermint salt water taffy. If you enjoy berry flavored sweets, then you are in for a ride with blueberry flavored and huckleberry flavored salt water taffy treats! Cousin’s Candy Shop also offers banana flavored salt water taffy for you to try. If you are in it for the spice, then why not get a piece of cinnamon flavored salt water taffy? Nothing spells yummy with the delicious taste of peanut butter. Lucky for you, Cousin’s Candy Shop carries peanut butter flavored salt water taffy, as well! Are you having a hard time choosing among all the tasty flavors that Cousin’s Candy Shop has to offer? Not to fret! You can get mixed flavors at Cousin’s Candy Shop! Hurry and check out their website for scrumptious salt water taffies and other delectable chocolates, candies, and sweets!


Where do we go for the best salt water taffy in San Diego?

Look no further than Cousin’s Candy Shop for the best salt water taffy in San Diego! Travel back in time to the 1800s with the nostalgic feel that Cousin’s Candy Shop brings. Dedicated in bringing the old-fashioned feel to the present-day era, the shop itself is filled with baskets and jar of sweet treats. Store workers are also dressed in 1800s fashion to give you the full experience. This confectionary shop offers the best candies and sweets for you and your family to enjoy. Check out the lovely treats that they offer such as chocolates, fudge, huckleberry, jelly bellys, licorice, old fashion sweets, sugar free treats, and of course, salt water taffy! What are you waiting for? Head over to their store location in San Diego or visit their website to know more about the various delights that they offer. Get a taste of your childhood and a glimpse of a bygone era with Cousin’s Candy Shop!