Cousin’s Candy: San Diego’s Go-To Shop for Old Fashioned Candies

Feeling a bit nostalgic? Travel back in time with an old song you once heard on the radio, an old movie in black and white, or better yet, have a taste of the yesteryear with a sweet treat! At Cousin’s Candy Shop, located in San Diego, CA, you can get your fill of different candies and sweets that was once popular- and still is- for a good old piece of sugary heaven!

Looking for something to tickle your taste buds? You can never go wrong with chocolates! Cousin’s Candy Shop offers various types of chocolatey goodness for everyone’s eating pleasure. Try the sea foam chocolate, which comes in either a milk or dark chocolate outer shell. You’re in for a surprise once you take a bite with its light and crunchy center. For pure unadulterated chocolate, take a bite of their chocolate creams! If you’re into fruity flavors, raspberry creams are for you! Are you a peanut butter lover? They have two peanut butter-based offerings, the peanut clusters and peanut butter cups. Looking for another nutty treat? Cousin’s Candy Shop has maple nut chocolate, too! You can choose between milk or dark chocolate to enjoy this yummy treat! Enjoy almond clusters for another nutty option. For another classic flavor, Cousin’s Candy Shop also offers a caramel-centered treat for all the caramel lovers out there. To top it all off in the chocolate roster, treat yourself to a taste of English Toffee before stocks run out! Head over to the Cousin’s Candy Shop website to order.

You can never go wrong with a classic fudge for a sweet pick-me-upper. Made with sugar, butter, and milk or cream, Cousin’s Candy Shop offers an array of flavors and combinations to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings! Choose between Chocolate, Chocolate and Peanut Butter, Chocolate and Walnut, Cookies and Cream, Chewy Praline, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, Divinity Walnut, Heath English Toffee, Huckleberry, Maple and Walnut, Penuchi and Walnut, and Rocky Road. Hurry and check out Cousin’s Candy Shop!

Are you into the taste of huckleberry? At Cousin’s Candy Shop, they offer various products made of huckleberry, such as Huckleberry Bark, syrup, and jams! Visit the Cousin’s Candy Shop website for more information on the different sweets that they offer.

Relive your childhood with this next treat. What is a more fun and exciting way of getting a taste of different flavors in one go than with a bag full of jellybeans! Jelly Bellys, as it is called, are a delight to munch on. Try their Berry Blue, Bubblegum, Buttered Popcorn, Cappuccino, French Vanilla, Juicy Pear, Licorice, Red and Green Apple, Sizzling Cinnamon, Sour Assortment, Sunkist Lemon and Lime, and Watermelon jellybean flavors! What are you waiting for? Grab your Jelly Bellys at Cousin’s Candy Shop!

If licorice is what tickles your fancy, say no more! Cousin’s Candy Shop has various licorice treats to choose from. Take your pick from Jellybeans, Licorice Bites, Licorice Pastels, Licorice Pipes, Licorice Wheels, Misc Flavored Twists, and Wrapped Anise. But wait, there’s more! Cousin’s Candy Shop also has other licorice treats from around the globe! Take a trip to Australia with their “Kookaburra from Australia”, or have a taste of England with the “All Sorts from England”. Satisfy your curiosity with their different lovely offerings by visiting the Cousin’s Candy Shop website!

Take that trip down memory with each bite of old-fashioned candies! Cousin’s Candy Shop carries various sweet treats from years gone by. Enjoy the taste of Abba Zabba, Chick O Stick, Horehound, Licorice Pipes, Look Bar, Mary Janes, Rock Candy, Root Beer Barrels, Sen Sen, and Walnettos. Can’t decide on what candy you want? Not to worry! You can purchase half a pound of an assorted selection of old-fashioned candies at Cousin’s Candy Shop. Get these oldies, but goodies at Cousin’s Candy Shop!

Looking for something sweet with less guilt? There are sugar-free options as well, at Cousin’s Candy Shop! Have a taste of butterscotch, cinnamon, green apple, lemon, tropical fruit, and watermelon candies. They also have Almond Butterscotch, Almond Clusters, and Coconut Haystacks options for you to try! Have a bite with Cousin’s Candy Shop!

Indulge with different flavored taffy at Cousin’s Candy Shop! Choose between banana, blueberry, chocolate, cinnamon, huckleberry, lemon, molasses, orange, peanut butter, peppermint, and vanilla. Can’t choose among the different yummy flavors? Why not get it all! Cousin’s Candy Shop offers mixed flavors so you can try everything! Check their website out for more information.

Cousin’s Candy shop relives the 1800s with the various tasty products that they offer. What are you waiting for? Head over to their website and check out the different sweet treats that they have in store for you! For inquiries, you may contact them through the contact page indicated in their website. Indulge your sweet tooth fantasies with Cousin’s Candy Shop!