Gift Guide 2021: Sweet Gift Ideas for Every Type of Person

No matter how you choose to indulge your sweet tooth, there’s always one item you gravitate towards and go back to every single time. And much like fashion sense, music tastes, or preferred movie genres, the type of sweets you crave and pick can reveal a lot about your quirks and personality.

Here’s an idea of what candy and goodies to treat yourself and share with your family members, friends, your child’s favorite teacher, and even your neighbor! It’s definitely a sweet *chef’s kiss* to start off 2021 with a yummy sugary-loaded experience!



Ahh, chocolates. We think of it as the vanilla ice cream flavor when it comes to sweets. It’s a crowd favorite and a staple-must to have in your homes whenever visitors come by.

Given the benefits of chocolate, especially the dark ones, there’s a good chance you’re a health nut. Opting for this rich dessert may suggest that you are reliable and a mature realist with a good head on your shoulders. Chocolate consumption is an emotional affair and those who do are romantic at heart. You take people by surprise when you bring a lot of flavour and finesse within your relationships whether platonic or romantic. If you’re the type of person who sips on a glass of red wine instead of sparkling margaritas and prefers gatherings to raucous parties, then the classic chocolate is for you!


Jelly Bellys

Jelly Bellys are these small bean-shaped sugar candies with a soft candy shell and a thick gel interior. Whether you like the traditional Pectin Jelly Beans or the funny Sour Bunnies, you surely won’t run out of flavors to choose from with this treat!

The person who keeps a jelly bean on their stock of candies is a fun and enigmatic travel junkie. You’re the brightest and most joyful person in the group. Your child-like wonder and playfulness is what draws people to you, not to mention your sweet and honest demeanor. You’re not afraid to express yourself and dress up however you feel. You always smell good and the kind who probably has a massive collection of perfumes for different moods, occasions, holidays, and seasons.


Sugar Free

A sugar free treat is the perfect way to go especially if you have diabetes or just need to rebalance your blood sugar levels.

These goodies are for people who are true and authentic to themselves. You’re the kind of person who loves routines and finds satisfaction when they check them off. You are a very determined, goal-oriented, and an inspirational powerhouse to the people around you. Beautifully and handsomely balanced, you are the definition of au natural who knows how to have fun and share the excitement with others.



If fudge is your favorite form of chocolate, you are ambitious and the spontaneous girl or boy-next-door who loves special occasions and won’t decline the opportunity to treat yourself. You are an advocate for self-love and put in the extra effort for someone who is special in your life.

Those who favor fudge are analytical thinkers and pragmatic problem solvers who are passionate and excited about the future. You ooze undeniable charisma. Your presence simply captures and attracts the attention of those who are in the same room.



National Licorice Day is happening on April 12 and what better way to celebrate it by buying a pack or two of this ultimate comfort food!

Those preferring licorice as their choice of sweet craving, see themselves as sensible, practical, and down-to-earth. You tend to be more methodical and like to have things planned rather than leave things to chance. You like spontaneity and enjoy the thrill of adventure. You are outspoken and a walking Almanac and encyclopedia who freely shares your opinions with others. Style wise, you are a cute jeans and a plain shirt type of individual ready to take on anything that may come in your way.



Historically, taffy is considered an earlier rendition of the word toffee and gained popularity during the 19th century.

Taffy is a good bite of candy for people who are eccentric old souls and appreciate vintage trinkets – think abstract, art sculptures, and paintings. Your company is easily enjoyed by your family, friends, and even strangers because you are a beacon in making life fun! It’s just in your birthright to make time enjoyable. You’re quite the creative as you love a pop of color and proudly display random artworks in your room. You are very talented and it manifests and outpours generously in the things you love and give to people.



Looking for something sweet during the day? Huckleberry-flavoured anything is sure to satisfy your tastebuds and keep you company.

Selecting this wild and unique flavor may suggest that you are old-fashioned and know how to work your way and magic in the kitchen. You have an exciting palette and may already have curated your own traditional family cuisine! You love intimate gatherings and table dining set up in a garden or somewhere where you can connect with Mother nature. You are the kind of person who is not afraid to try new things and laugh away the mistakes you made in between.


Old Fashion

Nothing reminds us of our growing-up days quite like food – specifically, old-fashion candies.

By going old fashion, this may entail that you bring a sense of innocence and wonder in everything you do no matter how mundane. You are unequivocally wise, intelligent, diplomatic, and think ahead of your years. You like to keep random mementos of special moments like that movie ticket you purchased with a great date or a polaroid photograph with a friend. You probably even have a cassette or own a record player and a collection of vinyl records with exceptional music. Because you’re the sentimental kind, you are very intentional, detail-oriented, and your love language are words of affirmation written in letters. Contact us today to learn more!