Old Fashion

Take a trip down memory lane with these candies from yesteryear. Just a few…Walnetto’s, Root Beer Barrels, Horehound, Rock Candy and Mary Janes. We can ship a combination or just your favorites. Check with us to see what others we currently have in stock.

Our Selection of Old Fashioned Candies (½ lb.)


Our selection of old fashioned favorites. $8 for 1/2 pound.

Root Beer Barrels (½ lb.)


Yes, they’re still around and still taste just like root beer!

Rock Candy (½ lb.)


White, sweet crystals on a string.

Mary Janes (½ lb.)


Chewy with delicious taste of peanut butter

Look Bar (½ lb.)


An oldie for sure…well, no not the one we send you. We promise fresh.

Licorice Pipes (Each)


Another favorite of Grandpas.

Horehound (½ lb.)


This was Grandpa’s favorite. Soothes your scratchy throat too.

6 oz bags.

Chick O Stick (½ lb.)


The crunch that refreshes.

Abba Zabba (½ lb.)


It’s magic… and still that favorite taste from yesteryear.