Our licorice selection is the best! Some of our best-sellers are Kookaburra (red and black) straight from Australia, All-Sorts from England, always popular red and black bites, multi colored pastels, red and black licorice wheels and those great old fashion licorice pipes. And, of course, our licorice taffy and licorice jelly bellys.

Wrapped Anise (1 lb.)


That great black licorice taste, what else needs to be said!?

Misc Flavored Twists (1 lb.)


Unique and unusual flavors.

Licorice Wheels (1 lb.)


Drives a delicious taste right to you taste buds.

Licorice Pipes (Each)


Another favorite of Grandpas.

Licorice Pastels (1 lb.)


Must be eaten by the handful.

Licorice Bites (1 lb.)


Your favorite licorice flavors in bite size pieces.

Jelly Beans (1 lb.)


A must for the Licorice aficionado.

Kookaburra From Australia (1 lb.)


Our favorite. Truly delish!

All Sorts From England (1 lb.)


The English love it. You will too.