Chocolate!! We have an array of chocolates, in both milk and dark. Creams, nuts, crunch…whatever you can imagine in your chocolate dreams. Sea Salt Caramels, Buttercreams, Cherry Cordials, Maple Nut, English Toffee, Rum Balls, Chocolate Pretzels, Raspberry Creams, Haystacks, Sea Foam Peanut and Almond Nut Clusters…just to name a few.

Sea Foam (½ lb.)


Delicious milk or dark choc on the outside with a light and crunchy center.

Raspberry Creams (½ lb.)


We love the tang of a fruit flavor with the sweetness of chocolate. Maybe you do too?

Peanut Clusters (½ lb.)


Fresh peanuts surrounded by creamy milk chocolate.

Peanut Butter Cups


Chocolate and peanut butter… What more can we say? “GIANT” Peanut Butter Cups at $7.50 EA.

Maple Nut (½ lb.)


That delicious old fashioned maple flavor with your preference of milk or dark chocolate.

English Toffee(½ lb.)


This is the one we can hardly keep in stock…

Chocolate Creams (½ lb.)


For those who just don’t want anything to get in the way of their chocolate. No nuts…just plain delicious chocolate.

Caramels (½ lb.)


Creamy chocolate surrounding delectable caramel.

Almond Clusters (½ lb.)


Fresh almonds surrounded by creamy chocolate.