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Chocolate Lovers Gift Basket


A delectable combination of our best selling, most delicious chocolates. We know what those chocolate addicts in your life love.. and this is it. Arranged in a beautiful basket is our best selling fudge flavor: 1 lb. Asst Choc’s, ½ lb. Choc Walnut Fudge, ½ lb. English Toffee, & ½ lb. Chocolate Bridge Mix.

Cousin’s “Specialties” Gift Basket


Which means we make these right on the premises. Our absolutely too fabulous Salt Water Taffy…1 lb. fresh right off the taffy puller and a ½ lb. of Chocolate Walnut Fudge and a ½ lb. Maple Walnut Fudge. We happen to think taffy and fudge make a great combo that no one should be without. Packaged in our old fashion “fudge wagon” tin.

Deluxe Licorice Lovers Gift Basket


We understand this one…because Judy, the head honcho of this establishment is a licorice afficionado. We put all of Judy’s favorites in this one outstanding gift basket. Enjoy Allsorts from England, Kookaburro (red & black) from Austrialia, Licorice Pastels, Licorice Wheels (red & black), a hard candy in Anise flavor and top it off with our very own Licorice Salt Water Taffy.

Gift Certificate


Cousin’s Candy Gift Certificates allow your friends and family to select their favorite candies. They make a lasting impression of generosity and good taste. Gift Certificates are sent via Email and can be redeemed on this website. We offer gift certificates in $25, $50 and $100 values – more than enough for 1 or 2 pounds of taffy and priority shipping anywhere in the US.

Huckleberry Gift Basket


We were introduced to this unforgettable flavor when we arrived at our first candy shop in Montana. Our personal opinion is it tastes like a combo of blueberry and raspberry. We love it in our candies, but have a special affinity for the Huckleberry jams. We’ve even been known to put it on ice cream. We have put all our favorites in this one delightful basket. Includes: Syrup, 10 oz., Handle Jar Jam, 5 oz., Huckleberry Bark, Pretzels covered in Bark, Huckleberry Choc. Bar.

Nostalgia/Yesteryear Gift Basket


We like to say a “Blast from the Past”, but know that isn’t exactly 1800’s sounding. Every candy you remember from childhood. Horehound, Walnettos, Mary Janes, Look & Abba Zabba bars, Chick o Sticks, Necco Wafers, Root Beer Barrels, all together in one fun basket.

Sugarfree Gift Basket


Favorites from our hard candy selection, Tropical Fruit, Green Apple, Root Beer…just to name a few, plus some delicious chocolates thrown in for good measure. Peanut Clusters and Almond Buttercrunch to delight your “sugarfree person.

Your “Favorite Kid” Gift Basket


This basket is for that special kid in your life…..and we don’t check ID’s, so he/she can be a kid at heart. It includes all the latest top sellers such as Pop Rocks, Candy Buttons, Gummys, Bubble Gum Cigars, Soda Pop Fizz, Nerds, Warheads, Unicorn Sucker…..and more. It’s a fun looking basket and will delight that special someone.